pukin on le'floor is the way to end my kinda party (exs_to_the_ohs) wrote,
pukin on le'floor is the way to end my kinda party

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"Out In The Kitchen Underneath The Casserole"

Sleepy summer daze abound and brings desires' incubus touch to my skin..and madness to my mind not dulled by chemical pancreas'. Escape, city street lights and I dance like no one knows the faults written on my skin like tattoos of failure and no way to begin again, i've been loved so furious knives pierced my skin and reach such heights only Icarus and his faulted wings could bring me back down to earths' dead ground. Swallowed secrets and spelled them out again on walls of places my eyes won't ever see, like the admissions of the silent.
Ate the key to my heart, so no boys with bright eyes, teased with mischief can once again enter the confines and chambers of my beating heart, infesting themselves deep inside the cracks and slits, only to wreck havoc all about the lands of my body, and push me closer oh so closer to that glimmering edge, where the wreckage lies below and the suffering of those before me smears the landscape with heartache abound. Gimme city streets and neon light, and crowds of people at 3.am, give me unlikely beauty and kisses so deep, tasting of truth.
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