pukin on le'floor is the way to end my kinda party (exs_to_the_ohs) wrote,
pukin on le'floor is the way to end my kinda party

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"How Can You Just Walk Away From Me, All I Can Do Is Watch You Leave"

I am losing my mind
my mind.
my mind.

This place is like a black-hole, its swallowing all the good things i've ever felt. All thats left is the panic and the fear, the cold sweat and the tears lingering right behind my eyes. I have no control, i'm not driving this car..we're all bound for hell. Or madness, its so alluring sometimes, it wears your face to caper around in. Feels more comfortable than you in your very own skin. Lover, don't you know your touching a stranger?.. I'm not in control anymore..Darling, won't you save me from myself tonight?.. From the knife my hands, and the desperation in my eyes. I could end this dance right now, pull the curtain down on it all. I hope one day you'll realize you won't love like this again, hold me in yr arms, keep me safe from harm.

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